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Veterans Angels, Inc.'s mission is to provide senior veterans and their families information and support in applying for the VA benefit to help with the cost of care.

The Aid & Attendance Benefit Story

What is the Aid & Attendance Benefit?

The "Aid and Attendance Benefit" is briefly explained in the video with Bryan Williams. Please take the time to watch the video. The benefit is real and available to those veterans and their families who qualify. These tax-free benefits can mean up to a maximum:

  • $2,230 a month for Married Veterans
  • $1,881 a month for Single Veterans
  • $1,209 a month for a Surviving Spouse


Long Term Care Insurance is becoming a necessity for folks 80 years old OR younger... How will you pay for a future health care crisis? Government assistance is NOT a certainty!

Approximately 70% of folks currently over 65 years of age will require some form of long-term care within their lifetime. That percentage increases with age. Purchasing LTC when you are young and healthy means protection is more affordable and you should get coverage, if qualified.

You have two options:

Explore your options NOW OR Wait and Hope you don't have a crisis!

Long Term Care Insurance is a Vital piece of Financial Planning for
Protecting your Future and Providing Peace of Mind for yourself and your family.

A no-obligation consultation is offered to the families of veterans through our sister company, Dynamic Lifetime Benefits.

Contact Dynamic Lifetime Benefits directly at 1-888-319-1117, toll-free, for a No-Obligation Quote.

Or visit www.dynamiclifetimebenefits.com.

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