You said you wanted to know if the VA ever resolved the Aid and Attendance request that we made. Three months ago they sent what seemed to be their final answer. They said he definitely did not qualify for A&A and all they would do is give him $123.00 per month pension for a 10% hearing loss. They did send him a check for a little over $800.00 retroactive pay for this pension. They kept sending notices that we hadn’t filled out the right form, or we had filled out the right form with the wrong information. Everytime we talked to someone at the VA office we would get different information. Needless to say my brother and I were ready to just give up on the whole thing and look into Medicaid. A month later (with no paperwork and no explanation) $24,000.00 was deposited to his account and he is now receiving $1,644.00 per month. This is a big relief for not only Dad, but for his children as well. Thank you for all your help. We were ready to give up several times out of sheer frustration, but I realized that this is SOP for the VA and they hope people will give up. Without the encouragement I received from you I would have quit long ago.