Dear Stephen and Linda, Thank You Very Much for everything you have done for my parents and everything you are doing for all of the other Veterans and their spouses. I cannot thank the two of you enough because your efforts have helped my parents immensely. They have been able to live in a very nice Assisted Living Facility, rather than some substandard environment that I do not even want to think about. I met both of you in 2008 and with your help and guidance, my parents were approved for the VA Aid & Attendance Benefit that year and started to receive their checks from the VA. Because of you, to date, my parents have received over $100,000 from the VA and as you know, this is a tax-free benefit! Because of your continued dedication to help Veterans and their spouses and the help you provided to my parents, Veterans Angels, Inc. is my Number One Charity. I have been donating to Veterans Angels, Inc. monthly and my intent is to continue donating monthly for as long as I am breathing. If you ever need a reference, please use me.